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Wiring a kitchen extractor fan
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Please read the disclaimer before attempting any electrical work. If you are uncertain then contact a qualified electrician.

How to wire a kitchen extractor fan

There are many different types of extractor fans that are available. Usually kitchen extractors are used to remove kitchen smells and steam outside whilst bathroom extractor fans are used to remove steam from showers and hot baths.

To the left you can see a diagram of how a kitchen extractor would be wired. There is a switched/fused/spur that leads to a connection unit.

A cooker hood should usually come with a decent length of flex this then should be connected to the connection unit.

The wiring and the 4inch ducting pipe is most likely hidden by the extractor fans chimney which will lead outside even though you could get an extractor fan with a carbon filter which will filter/clean the air instead of releasing it outside.

Kitchen extractor fans/hoods should get wired through the ring main in the kitchen and via a fused, switched connection unit.

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