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Please read the disclaimer before attempting any electrical work. If you are uncertain then contact a qualified electrician.

When connecting cable or flex to electrical terminals you need to carefully remove the protective PVC outer sheathing to reveal the electrical coloured cores. The colour coded insulation needs to be carefully removed but be sure not to cut into the copper.

Preparing electrical flex

  • When removing the protective PVC sheathing you should bend the cable flex at the place where you want it to be removed. Usually this is about 45mm from the end. Once you have made the bend use a Stanley knife and make the cut. Be careful not to cut the copper core.
  • Once you have made the cut bend the PVC sheathing and a split will form in the cable.
  • Now you should bend the flex in the other direction and carefully make a cut on the other side.
  • Straighten out the bent cable and pull off the cut PVC cable to expose the coloured cores.
  • If you need to cut the coloured cores to the correct size to reach the terminal do so now.
  • Match the diameter of the wire strippers to the diameter of the cores of the cable and remove 15mm from the end.
  • Last but not least twist the copper core ends and then the flex will be ready to be connected to the terminals.

How to prepare electric cable

  • Hold the cable on a cutting board, Slice down the sheath about 100mm with a Stanley knife and be careful not to cut the cores.
  • Pull the inner cables free and cut of the waste PVC sheathing off.
  • Match the diameter on the wire strippers to the cores of the cable.
  • Cut off enough yellow and green PVC earth sleeving to cover all but 10mm of the earth core.
    You may now connect the cable cores to the appropriate terminals.


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