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Please read the disclaimer before attempting any electrical work. If you are uncertain then contact a qualified electrician.

Information and diagrams below:

Diagrams - Click on the desired colours and difficulty to show diagram

Brown sleeving or tape would of been placed on the wires as shown to show the blue is live.

Junction box lighting method

In this method, the twin and earth cable runs from the consumer unit to one junction box after another.
then from each junction box, one twin and earth cable runs to the light and another runs to the light switch.

This is in my opinion the worst way to wire lights. If you use the junction box method always leave them accessible in case of any problems in the future and you need to get to them.

Loop in switch lighting method

In this method a twin and earth cable runs from the consumer unit to each switch one after another, then a twin and earth cable runs from each switch to the each light.

This method is the 2nd most popular and is great for things like wall lights or outside lights because there is only 1 two core and earth cable at the light fitting. There is nothing worse than having to struggle trying to fit 3 two core and earths inside a small wall light or small outside light.



If you are using metal/chrome/brass switches always make sure the switch is earthed.

Check if your lights have earths, if there are no earths in your switches or lights get in touch with a qualified electrician.

Always use insulated tools when working with electricity.

Take your time and double over your simple cables as good practice.

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