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How come my lights keep blowing?
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Please read the disclaimer before attempting any electrical work. If you are uncertain then contact a qualified electrician.

Why do my light bulbs keep blowing?

If you are having problems with your light bulbs blowing then this doesn’t mean that there is a big wiring fault. This is a problem that’s been around for many years. If it was a wiring problem then it would have been spotted by the fuses and MCB’s before it has half a chance to get to the light bulb its self.

There are many reasons why a bulb would blow. One of the main reasons is usually that if you purchase cheap bulbs then the quality is not good and the smallest surge of power can break them. It’s a good idea to spend that extra few pence to get a higher quality, longer lasting bulb and it will save you money long term.

If you have a loose connection between the bulb and the fitting this can also cause the bulb to blow. The reason for this is that the circuit will not be complete. Be sure that the bulb is tightly in position to avoid this.

Light Bulbs

When your bulb blows, most of the time (99% of the time in fact) the fuse/MCB for the lighting will blow/trip as well. This may make the problem appear bigger than it actually is.

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