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Please read the disclaimer before attempting any electrical work. If you are uncertain then contact a qualified electrician.

Loop in ceiling rose lighting method

In this method, a twin and earth cable runs from the consumer unit to each of the ceiling roses one after the other, then a twin and earth cable runs from each ceiling rose to the switch.

The switch cable is the wire that carries the electric from the loop terminals on the light to the top of the switch and then when you push the switch it carries the electric back to the light, lighting the lamp up.

Step 1

Switch off and isolate all power to the circuit.

if you have 3 * twin and earths at your light then more than likely 2 of them are the feed in (cable from consumer unit or light) and the feed out (to next light) (live, neutral and earth) and the other is the switch wire.


Step 1

check your continuity/voltage tester by making contact with the end of the two leads, when you hear the beep, it’s in good working order.

Step 1

Go to the light and pick a cable (this is trial and error) place each end of the continuity/voltage tester in connector blocks and connect 1 to the “Live colour “ and 1 to the so called “neutral colour”


Step 1

Go to the light switch and push as if to turn the light on, if it beeps then you have successfully identified the switch wire, if you have failed then repeat the steps on 1 of the other 2 remaining cables.


Step 1

Sleeve/tape the switch wire up the correct colour red/brown and follow the steps on wiring a ceiling rose
If you have more or less cables at your light, by following the steps you can trace and identify any cables location.




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