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Home Automation Guide, Information, Audio and Video automation

Home automation is something that was only a dream many years ago but now it is possible. Imagine having a home cinema system and not having to listen to mobile phones going off like in a public cinema plus being able to dim lights at a click of a button and having mood lighting.

The great thing about all of this is that it is possible and it can be done for a reasonable price if you want to do it yourself. Listed below are some of the things that are possible with this amazing technology within your very own home.

Audio and Video Technology

This is one of the main topics when it comes to home automation and possibly the most impressive. Have you ever been to the cinema and needed to go to the toilet half way through a film. When you’re in the toilet you can still hear the audio from the film? Well with home automation this is possible. You are able to have a patching and switch system which will allow you to route video and audio to the selected/all rooms. This is usually referred to as “multi-zone audio and video”.

This involves having a series of speakers in the selected rooms of choice. You can obtain water proof speakers for bathrooms to avoid steam damage from baths and showers. There are many different switching systems you can choose from depending on what you want. You can either have a central control panel or a remote control.
The very same system can also be changed slightly to include a telephone system, CCTV system or an intercom system (door entry system) from rooms that you choose in your house.

Home Security

These days there is a huge amount of security equipment available to purchase some of which includes CCTV (network cameras), Intercoms (door entry systems), electric gates and automatic garage doors. Many of these items can be routed to one control unit for an all in one experience.

Most of the listed systems involve sensors so that they can monitor all the information being put through them. As told before these systems can be integrated so they are all in one and easier to control. Almost anything is possible with this type of technology.

The possibilities are endless with home automation these days and they are only getting better, for instance you could control your automation through the internet, watch your CCTV away from home and even get your curtains/lights to operate at a selected time or at a click of a button.

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