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Please read the disclaimer before attempting any electrical work. If you are uncertain then contact a qualified electrician.

See our electrical safety page

If you want to add an additional socket in a room you may consider a spur from the ring main, the only thing with a spur is, you are limited if you ever want to add any more sockets from the spur. You are only allowed to spur from the ring main once so I would always try to keep any addition socket you require in the ring main a spur should always be the last resort, then if in the future you ever require any more sockets you would be able to do so easily.

It is not really that difficult to add additional sockets keeping them in the ring main but keep in mind there are certain rules you must comply by e.g the length of cable, floor area. For more details see ring main.

The diagrams below show how you can add additional sockets keeping them in the ring main using 32A junction boxes. Always remember when using a junction box they must always be accessible in case a fault occurs you will need to get to it e.g under the floor boards . There is no set limit to the number of sockets allowed on a ring main as long as you comply with the rules mentioned above.

When placing new cables in any floor, void, ceiling or roof space, remember never cover them in insulation this will make them too hot and if you are planning on burring them in the wall then always put plastic channel over them for protection and check the routing an electrical cable page.

For regulations governing heights of sockets please click here

Volex 13A 2G DP Black Insert Polished Chrome Angled Edge

2G Sw Skt Victorian Brass

The diagram below shows a ring main.

Old Colours

New Colours

The image below shows the ring main extended via 2 new 30 amp junction boxes. if you use the junction box method then always make sure they are accessable in case in the future there is a fault and you need to get to them. if possible extend the ring main inside the sockets


Old Colours

New Colours

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