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Please read the disclaimer before attempting any electrical work. If you are uncertain then contact a qualified electrician.

If you attempt any electrical installation at home you must get the job tested by a qualified electrician and receive a minor works certificate. Without this your home insurance may be invalid and not pay out, also when it comes to selling your home you could have problems!

Work Type
Notification required?

Areas outside of bathroom, shower room and kitchen

Notification required?
Within a bathroom, shower room or kitchen (special location)
New installation or complete rewire Yes Yes
Installation of a new shower circuit Yes Yes
Consumer unit change Yes Yes
Installation of an additional socket No Yes
Installation of an additional light No Yes
Addition of fused connection unit to ring final circuit No Yes
Installation of a new cooker circuit Yes Yes
Connection of a cooker to an existing connection unit No No
Installation or upgrade of main or supplementary equipotential bonding No Yes
Replacing damaged cable for a single circuit No No

Replacing light fitting

No No
Replacing damaged socket outlet No No
Installation or fitting a storage heater, including final circuit Yes Yes
Fitting and final connection of a storage heater No No
Installation of extra low voltage lighting (not CE market sets) Yes Yes
Taking a new supply to a garden shed Yes N/A

Installation of a light fitting in a greenhouse

Yes N/A
Installation of a socket in a garden shed Yes N/A
Installation of a pond pump, including supply Yes N/A
Installation of a hot air sauna Yes Yes

Installation of a small scale generator

Yes Yes
Installation of ceiling or floor heating Yes Yes
Installation of a solar photovoltaic power supply Yes Yes

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