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Electrical safety is without a doubt the most important information on electrical helper website, the regulations are there for your safety and failure to follow them is 1 of the main reasons for there been so many electrical fires and deaths each year.

In 2006 the electrical safety council published alarming figures:

  • 42% of home owners stated they had never had their electrics checked.
  • 32% of DIY enthusiasts said they had experienced electrical shocks while working on their homes.
  • There are 12,500 electrical fires in homes across the UK every year so please pay attention to electrical regulations and stay safe.

STAY SAFE for electrical safety for householders visit www.esc.org.uk

If you attempt any electrical installation at home you must get the job tested by a qualified electrician and receive a minor works certificate. Without this your home insurance may be invalid and not pay out, also when it comes to selling your home you could have problems!

Before cutting out any walls or plaster always check before to make sure there are no cables or pipes behind it. At one time this would have been difficult but now you can buy detectors which are very easy to use and tell you with great accuracy where the cables and pipes lie.

“I would never be without one, I don’t think any customer would be happy with me flooding a property by cutting into a pipe, nor would I when it could have been quite easily prevented for around £15.00 much better than £££££ of damage to a property” Jamie Vernon Online Electrical Services Limited

Stanley Intelligencer Stud Finder/Metal Detector

If your home is fitted with a fuse board like the one below then it would be very wise to have a change.

For a more up to date one, like the consumer unit below.

WYLEX 10-Way Fully Insulated Dual RCD Consumer Unit

to see a range of consumer units click on image or for more information see our consumer unit advice page

Especially if yours has being damaged like the one below


  • Has your gas main and water stop tap got an earth to it?
  • If you have an earth connected already:
  • Is the earth clamp within 600mm of the meter/stop tap?
  • Is your earth 10mm in diameter?
  • Is there a warning Label present and is it accessible?

If not you need to replace the old earth for a new 10mm one



How it works
An electrical supply comes in to your main fuse or service head, then to your meter via one large brown/red and one large blue/black wire. The meter measures how much electric you use. It is an offence to interfere with either the main fuse or the meter and never remove the seals on any of the equipment. From the meter electricity will flow through the double insulated main tails to your consumer unit


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